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San Marcos

San Marcos is a beautiful city located in the state of Texas, US. The city has a population of almost 50,000 inhabitants, it is a small yet attractive place where those who want to relax can come and have a wonderful time. Founded right on the banks on the river with the same name, San Marcos is also home to the popular Aquarena Center as well as the Texas State University. Last year, the city was considered one of the fastest growing ones in the United States of America as well as one of the most exciting places to live, and this is precisely why San Marcos real estate is so sought-after these days

Brief History Of The City

The San Marcos city is considered one of the oldest inhabited areas in the Northern Hemisphere, as archaeologists have found evidence that date back more than 10,000 years. Not only is the city famous for its heritage, but also for the attractive and crystal clear San Marcos springs – this is actually one of the largest collections of springs in the entire state. The place is full of history, culture and tradition, and this is yet another reason why so many people take into accounts buying San Marcos real estate.

Tourist Attractions

San Marcos may be a small city, but it surely has plenty of attraction spots that entertain both the tourists and the locals. The Cheatham Street Warehouse, for instance, is a common destination for those who are passionate about high-quality live music, especially since it is open most nights of the week.

On the other hand, the Dick’s Classic Car Museum is yet another popular tourist attraction – the museum was opened back in 2009 and it is basically a 43,000 square foot facility. This is a non-profit educational foundation that aims to explain people the evolution of classic automobiles throughout the decades, and it has no less than 80 classic vehicles that are rotated on a constant basis.

Those who are passionate about shopping can always go to the San Marcos downtown square that is filled with nightspots, bistros as well as restaurants – this is the favorite destination for locals who are looking for good places to shop and eat. Besides this, those who think about purchasing San Marcos real estate should know that the downtown square is also full of boutiques with vintage clothing and outstanding, handmade jewelry and furniture, cool art pieces, unique gifts and such.

Last, but not least, the famous Wonder World Park is yet another tourist attraction that surely has a history, as it has been around for more than a century now. The Balcones Fault Line cave is very sought-after especially by families with children, who want to have fun and to learn new things at the same time.

Popular Restaurants And Dining In The City.

San Marcos is a very diversified city in terms of food, as here you can find Mexican cuisines like Garcia’s Mexican Food that has been around since 1989, or Grins Restaurants that is said to serve delicious steaks, fajitas, onion rings as well as catfish.

Palmer’s Restaurant is one of the luxurious ones in the area and it is commonly visited by wine connoisseurs as well as by those who want to enjoy a delicious Sunday brunch, while Alvin Ord’s sandwich shop is an amazing vintage sandwich shop that serves delicious sandwiches of all kinds.


San Marco real estate is certainly a great option for couples that want to raise their children in a friendly, peaceful, quiet and beautiful location, in the middle of the nature.

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